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GitHub Webhooks to Discord

This guide explains how to get issues from GitHub into the IOTA Experience Team channels. Every IOTA Experience Team Initiative is assigned a GitHub repository in the iota-community group. It is possible to set up webhooks, to cross-communicate initiatives and events from GitHub to Discord.


In this example we will set up the webhook for the IOTA Streams Experience Team.

  1. Go to the X-Team relative channel in Discord and Edit Channel

  2. Clieck on Webhooks on the left side and then on the Create Webhook button on the right side

  3. Change the name to GitHub, click on the Copy button to copy the webhook link and click on the Save button, to save this settings. (e.g. of this webhook link:

  4. Now we go to the IOTA Experience Team - IOTA Streams GitHub repository

  5. Here we click on Settings, then Webhooks and finally the Add webhook button

  6. Insert your password to confirm

  7. In the Payload URL field we insert the webhook link we copied from Discord and add /github at the end.

    If the link was:

    Now it is:

    and we change the Content type to application/json.

  8. In the Which events would you like to trigger this webhook section, chose Let me select individual events. Now select the events that will be posted to Discord, adjust accordingly or through experience.

    In this example we have: - Issue comments - Issues - Collaborator add, remove, or changed - Milestones - Pushes

    Make sure the webhook is active and finally press the Add webhook button.

  9. As you click on the Add webook, the GitHub page will show a notification at the top and a green checkmark to show that the settings are correct.

Now every action selected like

  • Issue comments
  • Issues
  • Collaborator add, remove, or changed
  • Milestones
  • Pushes

will trigger and post a message on Discord!